The Investigator of Muiella

The Investigator of Muiella

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The Description Of The Investigator of Muiella

Kate Smith enjoys her quiet life as a maid and has no interest in getting married. Her resolve only deepens as she watches her peers swoon over the moody manservant, Ian. Whether it’s fate or bad luck, Kate quickly finds herself in a series of compromising encounters with him. One day another maid goes missing and the mystical happenings that follow only intensify her suspicions about Ian. As the expert detective Jade Killian comes into town, can he help her uncover the truth?


Other names L’enquêteur de Muiella / Mueller no Sousakan / Mueller’s Investigator / Mwiellaui Susagwan / The Investigator of Mueller / The Investigator of Muiella / นักสืบแห่งมิวเอลล่า / ミュエラの捜査官 / 慕艾拉的调查官 / 穆艾拉的調查官 / 뮈엘라의 수사관 / 心动搜查官

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